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Microsoft Outlook is an email client that is capable of a great number of functions. Not only can you use it to send and receive emails in your computer, it can be used for a great number of other functions. It combines an event manager and a contact manager so you can contact your associates with ease and stick to the schedule provided.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is one of these features. Using this feature, you can create a full-fledged schedule, complete with a reminder feature that will inform you when it is time to perform a specific task. Moreover, you can rely on this program to inform others about your schedule as well as find out what others are doing. Outlook Calendar is an extremely useful feature that once integrated, will streamline even the most difficult schedule.

However, at times, you will come across Outlook problems that will leave you confounded. One such problem is when you cannot find the emails sent to you a few months ago. If the same happens to you, chances are, the AutoArchive feature has archived the particular email. Here’s how you take out the archived file:

  • Open the Control Panel from inside the Start menu. Click on Folder Options and then open the View tab. You will find the Hidden Files and Folder section over there.
  • Select the Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives feature button in order to enable this. Archived Outlook emails are stored in hidden files by default so there is no other way to access it without enabling this option.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Email Client Features

  • Open your Outlook email client and sign in with the account in which the archived emails were present. Click on the Office button and then select Open. Select the Outlook Data File option.
  • From the list of files inside this folder, find and select the Archive.pst file and then click Open. This particular file is stored inside the sub-folder Outlook present in Microsoft folder. The Microsoft folder is present inside the Application Data.
  • You will find the archived file inside this PST file.

If you have followed the procedure to the word, you will be able to select the Calendar items that you had created months ago. This particular issue is not one of the Outlook problems since the archiving feature allows Outlook program to reduce the clutter and work smoothly. In the absence of this feature, Outlook will slow down over time because of the huge database it has to load every time.

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Add-In To Notify Email In Outlook 2010

Email In Outlook

Outlook 2003 Email Client

It is unfortunate that Outlook 2010 has left out the email notifications feature in it. Even if the feature is not available in Outlook 2010 to notify email in outlook, a number of third party add-ins can support this feature. One of the third party apps that have garnered a lot of attention is Mail Alert. The app is very cheap and is easily customizable.

A clarification about this feature is that the mail notification is actually included with Outlook 2010, but is less known to people that this is to be done manually. There is also a note to the editor along with the article stating that if it is not an issue to buy an app from the Apple store in an iPad, then there is no harm in spending some money on the app Mail Alert, which is a powerful add-in for Outlook 2010. When the installation is complete, there will be a prompt by the software on configuring a few basic settings to receive e-mail alerts. You can either choose to receive e-mail alerts through the notification area or the desktop notifications, or both.

There are about three different options to choose from, such as enable tracing, options to check on updates on startup and a compatibility mode called client-side. In the message alerts tab, you would find a button that says Desktop Alert Options, which would let you tweak and customize the notifications in the way you want them to be displayed. By clicking on the option Notification Area Alert button, you would be able to change settings related to the icon for notifications displayed in the system tray. From the Add-ins tab, you will be able to access quick options that are related to Outlook’s standard alert.

Outlook Editions

Email Alert Notification

An attractive feature of the Add-in is that it allows us to flag, delete or follow up a message right from the notification that appears on the screen. In case you are giving a PowerPoint presentation, you have an option to mute all the notification alerts until the end of the presentation. This add-in works with almost all the Outlook editions such as Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2000. If you have missed on the notification for email in Outlook, then here is the right app that would help you.

Make the most of this app as it is the most powerful app that lets you customize the way you want the notifications to pop-up.

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Different Junk Email Settings Of Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Features Of Outlook

Outlook helps you to manage your emails in different ways. One of its features is the junk email filter in it. After Outlook email setup, it is advisable to configure the junk email settings. This will help you to avoid unnecessary spam emails from filling up your inbox. In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

  • Launch Outlook email program from the Start menu and select the option Home in the program.
  • Click the option Junk and then choose Junk E-mail Options.
  • The above step launches the window for Junk E-mail Options.
  • Choose the first tab, Options.
  • Under the heading Choose the level of junk e-mail protection you want:, you will find different options to set the junk filter.
  • The first option in this list is No Automatic Filtering. If you choose this option, none of the emails would be checked by the program.
  • The second option is Low. Here, the most common junk emails will be moved to the Junk folder.
  • The third option is called High. If you choose this option, the Outlook program will move all the junk emails to the Junk folder. However, the problem of choosing this option is that it may move some of the non-junk emails too. Therefore, you will have to check the junk folder occasionally to find out if any non-junk mails have been moved to it or not.
  • The final option here is the Safe Lists Only. If you choose this list, you need to add the list of email address or domain names to the program and only emails from these sources will be received in the inbox. All other emails will be moved to the Junk Folder.
  • In order to add the email address and domain names of safe senders, you need to select the tab Safe Senders in the window.
  • Enter the domain name or email address in the box that opens.

    Outlook Email Program

    Outlook Email Configuration

  • Choose the button OK and the email address will be added to the list of Safe Senders in the program.
  • You may also block some of the domains or email address if you find them annoying. For this, select the tab Blocked Senders.

Once you finish the Outlook email setup, it is advisable to follow the above steps to configure the junk email settings as per your convenience.

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Directions For Retracting Accidently Sent Emails In Outlook

Email In Outlook

Retract Email In Outlook

There are times when you would want to retrieve a sent email for various reasons. Perhaps, you would need this because you want to send it to someone whom you accidently missed to include in the list of recipients or you want to take a print of the email for future references. Whatever be the reasons for retrieving send emails, Microsoft Outlook offers an ideal solution. The application stores the sent emails by default. So, you can retrieve the emails from the archive of the application.

In addition to helping the users retrieve sent emails, Outlook offers an even more beautiful facility called retracting. This utility enables the user to recall a sent email before the recipient reads it. This is somewhat equal to deleting the email forcibly. There can be several occasions when you would want to use this service. Perhaps, you would want to use this utility when you realize all of a sudden that the message has been sent to the wrong person or the information included in the message is no more relevant. In such scenarios, you can retract a sent message. In the following steps, you will see how to retract sent emails in Microsoft Outlook.


  • Launch Outlook and navigate to the option labelled Mail.
  • Choose Sent Items from the resulting dropdown menu. Here, you will see every email in Outlook that you have sent.
  • Browse through the list to pinpoint the email that needs to be retracted. Upon finding the email, highlight it.
  • Now, navigate to the menu labelled Actions and choose Recall This Message option.

    Outlook Support Desk

    Outlook Sent Emails Folder

  • Following that, locate the entry titled Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message. Click this entry to proceed.
  • If you have no email to replace with, add a message to the email to let the recipient know that the message has been sent to him by mistake.
  • Now, save the changes you have made by clicking the OK button and select the Send button. This will delete the wrong copy of the message from the recipient’s inbox and a modified new copy of the same will be delivered.

The above instructions must have helped you to retract a sent email in Outlook. With its finest and unique features, Outlook has become one of the most reliable email client applications. For more assistance regarding using Outlook, contact our Outlook support desk.

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Configure Outlook To Send A CC Automatically For All Mails

Email In Outlook

Configure Email In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email manager program that is used by all for managing their emails effectively. The program is available in different versions and the latest version of the program supports a new feature, known by the name Rules. These rules will allow the users to make the program to do certain actions automatically. Here we discuss how you can make the program send CC messages automatically to certain senders.


  • Open the Outlook email manager program by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop and click on the Tools tab found at the top of the email client.
  • From the drop down menu that appears on the screen, click on the option labeled as Rules and Alerts and click on the New Rules tab found in the context menu that appears on the screen.
  • Now you need to highlight the option labeled as Check messages after sending found in the application window and click on the Next button to continue with the configuration process.
  • Now you need to specify the filtering criteria in the screen, however you can leave this field blank. After setting the filtering criteria, click on the Yes button.
  • Now select the option labeled as Cc the message to people or distribution list found in the application window for sending CC of email in Outlook to other users.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Email Manager

  • Now select the people or distribution list to which you would like to send the emails received in the inbox from the contacts manager. In the To: field found in the screen, click on the Address Book or Contacts and select the contacts to whom you would like to send the emails.
  • If you have selected multiple emails, make sure that you have separated them by putting a semi colon after each of the email addresses.
  • Click on the Ok button for saving the changes made to the email client for sending a carbon copy of an email in Outlook to multiple contacts or distribution lists automatically.
  • Click on the Next button found on the screen and then on Finish to save the changes.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to send a CC of all the emails received in the Outlook email client automatically.

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