Changing Outlook Option To Keep Emails In The Server

Setup Email In Outlook

Outlook Email Settings

Email clients directly download your email messages from the email account’s concerned server. In contrast, Webmail runs on your web browser and lets you view your emails without downloading any content on to your system. The benefits of running an email client is numerous, major one being a copy of your email being stored in your local hard-disk, enabling you to access them at ease.

When using IMAP, HTTP or Exchange server, Outlook leaves a copy of the downloaded email in the email server. This has its own benefits, which includes allowing you to access your email on another system by accessing your email account. In contrast, when using the POP3 protocol, Outlook application chooses to delete the emails once it has retrieved it from the server. This obviously means that you will not be able to access the email on another system.

Fortunately, you can change some email account settings once you have setup email in Outlook to leave a copy of the email on the server even after downloading it. Here’s how you do that.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook from the Start menu.
  • Once it loads, click on the File menu. It is located on the top-left corner of the Microsoft Outlook window.
  • Click on the Account Settings sub-menu and then again on the Account Settings option in the menu to open the relevant contexts of your email invoice.
  • Under the Email tab, you will be able to view your email account from the list of accounts saved in your system. Click to select it.
  • Click on the Change button in the Account settings window to make changes to your email account.

    Exchange Server

    Saving Emails In Outlook

  • Click on the More Settings button to refresh the window and then the Advanced tab which lies on top of the window.
  • Select the Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server checkbox under the Delivery tab to enable it.
  • Disable the Remove From Server checkboxes by clicking on the relevant checkbox. This will bring in the necessary changes to stop Outlook from deleting the emails and keeping a copy of them in the server.
  • To save your settings, click on the OK button, then Next and finally Finish.
  • Click the Close button on the Account settings and bring back the Outlook main window, click on the Close button inside the Account settings window.

If you have followed all the steps that are listed above, Outlook will save a copy of your emails in the server for later access using a different system. Once you setup email in Outlook, making these changes will ensure that none of your emails are ever deleted.

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Uninstalling Toolbars From A Computer

How To Remove A Toolbar

Yahoo Toolbar Removal

The speed and performance of the browser decreases when there are a number of toolbars and plug-ins installed in it. To increase the performance of the browser you need to remove them from the browser and the computer completely. Here are different instructions on how to remove a toolbar from different web browsers.

Uninstalling Toolbars In Windows XP

  • Click on the Start button and choose the option for Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • From the window that opens, Double Click on the icon that says Add\Remove Programs.
  • This contains a list of all the Software and Programs installed in the computer.
  • Look for the toolbars and programs related to the service.
  • Select them and click on the Uninstall option to remove them completely from the computer.
  • When you are done with this, Restart the computer and check with the browser if the toolbar has been removed.
  • Recheck in the Add\Remove Programs list once more to see if it is listed there.

Removing Toolbars In Windows Vista\7

  • Click on the Start button and in the search box, type Programs And Features and hit Enter, which opens a window.
  • This window populates a list of programs and software listed in the computer. Select the toolbar that you intend to remove and click on the Uninstall option present to the top of this list. When prompted, click on Yes to confirm deletion.
  • At the end of removal, Restart the computer. When the computer boots up, check the browser. Check with the Programs and features window as well.

Removing The Toolbar From Internet Explorer And Firefox

  • Launch the browser and click on the View option in the menu bar. Choose the Toolbar option from the list.

    Programs And Features

    Toolbar Removal Utility

  • This displays the list of toolbars installed in the browser, Uncheck the toolbar that you plan to remove from the browser.
  • Close the browser and open it again.
  • Check with the browser if it has been removed or not.

Now that you know how to remove a toolbar, you can follow the same procedure to remove any unwanted software in the computer by adopting the same technique.

In few cases, these toolbars refuse to move out of the computer, this is where people make use of the toolbar removal utilities available online. Another method to remove toolbars and their traces is with the help of a registry editor.

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Adding Email Signature In Outlook

setup email in Outlook

Outlook signature setup

Whether communicating with fellow employees sitting in the same building as you or sending messages to prospective customers halfway across the globe, you would probably be using Outlook to manage your emails. This email client plus personal information manager stores all your emails in your local hard drive, enables you to send mass mails to multiple people at a time and manage most of the official work letting you concentrate on the work at hand.

You must have seen email signatures by now. Either text or images, they are automatically displayed to the recipient after the message you typed in. The ability to add pictures lets your email signature stand out from the rest. You just have to configure a few settings once you setup email in Outlook to automatically send your signature along with all your messages. However, simple plain text maintains a level of professionalism that is not present in image signatures.

Here’s how you add a text-only signature in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook from the Start menu and wait for it to load.
  • Click on the Tools menu from the list of menus that are displayed on top of the Outlook window.
  • Inside the Tools menu, click on Options and the click on the Signature tab, which is located on the top right corner of the Options window.
  • The Signature window will pop up on the screen. Click on the New button on the top right side to create a new signature.
  • The message that you want to display on each signature should be typed in on the Edit Signature text box.

    image signatures

    How to setup email signatures

  • Next, click on the Advanced button on the right and then select the accounts you want this signature to be associated with and then click OK when you are done.
  • In order to add this signature to all the messages that you send from your account, select the Add signatures to all outgoing messages box.
  • You are almost done now. In order to complete the process, click on the Apply button.

If you have followed all the instructions, you have setup email in Outlook to send signatures in all the outgoing messages. If you face any problems, you can contact our technical support team to troubleshoot it immediately. Email signatures are one way to ensure that your emails stand out from rest of the crowd. Strive to have the same signature in every email account and maintain it as such.

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Setting Up An Email Group In The Outlook Program

Setup Email In Outlook

Email In Outlook

The users of the Outlook program may have heard of the email groups in the program. These are commonly referred to as distribution lists. The distribution lists are used when the user needs to send the same email message to a group of people. When a user makes use of the distribution list, this group of people will get the same email message at the same time. This will help the users save much of their valuable time as the email is sent to a group instead of putting an effort to manually typing in the email addresses.

The steps to set up an email group in the Outlook program are very easy. The steps to setup email in Outlook with distribution lists are explained below in this article. You can follow these steps carefully so that you do not encounter any errors.


  • As the first step, make a distribution list in the Outlook program by selecting File and then New in the menu bar. Choose Distribution List and then you can type the name of your list in the Name section.
  • You can then add email addresses from your Outlook address book and contacts by making use of the Select Members button. You can add those email addresses that are not stored in your contacts and address book by making use of the Add New button.
  • After adding everyone you need in the distribution list, you can choose Save and Close. You will be able to edit this list later if you wish to add more people or remove people. The list that you have made will be accessible when you make new email messages.

    Outlook Address Book

    Outlook Program

  • Make a new email message by clicking on the Inbox in the folder list and then selecting New from the menu bar. Into the To field, you can type the name of the distribution list that you have made in the above steps. If Outlook program recognizes the distribution list, it will underline the name of the list. If it does not, you will have to click on the Check Names button and Outlook will underline the name.

These are the simple and easy to follow steps to setup email in Outlook with a distribution list. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are explained above, you can contact our Outlook help and support team.

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How To Grant Access To Delegates In Outlook 2010

Outlook Email Setup

Features Of Outlook

Many people are unaware about the various features present in Outlook. If you have configured Outlook with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, then you may change the settings in the program and allow the selected colleagues access to your email. The people who gain access to your email would be able to see, edit and send items from the account. They will be also able to respond to meeting requests. Now, in this post, we will first find out how to add delegates to the program after you do an Outlook email setup.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook from the programs shortcut icon.
  • Select the option File from the menu bar.
  • Choose the option Info from the menu that comes down.
  • Click the option Account Settings.
  • Once you are in the Account Settings window, choose the option Delegate Access.
  • Select the button Add. This will launch a new window with the title Add Users.
  • Choose the names from the contact list and click the Add button.
  • Choose the option OK.

Selecting permissions

You can set the permissions according to your wish. In order to set the permissions, follow the steps below.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select the option File.
  • Click the option for Info from the new menu.
  • Choose Account Settings.
  • Select the option Delegate Access from the window for Account Settings.
  • The above step will launch the window for Delegate Access. There will be information regarding the delegates. You may choose any type of permissions from the various options. Keep in mind that the delegates will be given send-on-behalf permissions, no matter which type of permission you have set.

    Microsoft Exchange Server

    Outlook Email Configuration

  • Select the button Add and then choose the delegate. This will launch the window for Delegate Permissions.
  • You may choose from the four different types of permissions available.
  • The first option is None. If you choose this option, the delegate will not be able to access any of the features.
  • The second option is Reviewer. By setting this option, you permit the delegate only to read the items.
  • The third option Author will allow the delegate to include new items to the list.
  • The final option is Editor, which allows the delegate to edit and modify the contents.

If you wish to grant permission to any of the employees to your email, follow the above-mentioned steps after Outlook email setup. For further help on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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