Removing Unwanted Toolbars Permanently From Your System

How To Remove A Toolbar

Remove A Toolbar

A toolbar is a browser add-on that is developed with the sole aim of aiding the users for safe and convenient browsing. Usually it is located at the top part of the web browser just below the navigation bar. Installing toolbars on your system will make it run slow, so you may want to remove it from the browser. Here we discuss tips on how to remove a toolbar from your PC.

Instructions To Remove From IE

  • Move the mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of the desktop and then click on the Start menu button found there to open the Start menu and click on the Control Panel icon to open the Control Panel window.
  • When the window appears on the screen, click on the Link labeled as Uninstall a Program found under the Programs tab.
  • The system will show you all the programs and add-ons installed on your computer. Select the toolbar that you wish to remove from your system by clicking on it. Now click on the Uninstall button found in the page to remove toolbar completely from the system.
  • Restart the system when the removal process is complete to make the changes permanent.

How to remove a toolbar from Firefox

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser by clicking on its tab found under All Programs section in the Start menu.
  • When the web browser appears on the screen, click on the Tools menu located at the top of the window and click on the Add-ons tab found in the drop down menu. From the context menu that appears on the screen, click on the Extensions tab.
  • The browser will now display all the installed add-ons and toolbars. Look for the toolbar that you wish to remove from the list and select it when found.

    Remove Toolbar

    How To Remove Toolbar

  • Click on the Uninstall button found in the window to remove the toolbar from Firefox.
  • Restart the browser to make the changes permanent.
  • If you would like to remove multiple toolbars from the web browser, repeat the steps provided above.


  • The removal steps given above for removing toolbars from Internet Explorer is also applicable for all the web browsers.
  • If the instructions provided above for removing toolbars from Firefox do not work, try the same steps after booting the system in Safe mode.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to remove all the unwanted toolbars from your system.

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Troubleshooting A Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Mouse Issues

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is a battery powered mouse that enables the users to navigate and access media, documents as well as web pages. The mouse comprises of a scroll wheel and four buttons that allow the users to have a smooth and responsive tracking. However, sometimes while using this mouse, you can encounter certain Microsoft problems.

In such cases, you can use the instructions mentioned below to troubleshoot your Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000.

  • At first, you need to confirm that the mouse is turned on. For turning it on, you can slide the on/off button on the bottom of the mouse to the On position.
  • You can also check for weak batteries. You can press down on the cover at the tab and then pull the cover away for removing it. You can replace the batteries with new ones and insert them appropriately. Now, replace the cover and check if the mouse is working fine.
  • According to the Microsoft technical support team, such Microsoft problems can also occur due to issues in Windows configuration. You can click on Start followed by Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and then on Bluetooth Devices.
  • You would get the Bluetooth Devices window on your computer screen. Here, you need to click on the Options tab and then check the box next to the Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer option, if it is not already checked. Now, you can click on the OK button and check if the issue has been resolved.
  • You can also check for installation issues because your Bluetooth mouse should be properly installed on Windows. If your notebook is not able to detect your mouse, it means installation issues wherein you’d require connecting the mouse properly.

    Weak Batteries

    Microsoft Updates

  • For this, again click on Start and then select the Control Panel option. Now, click on Hardware and Sound Bluetooth Devices followed by the Add button. This would enable you to start the Bluetooth Device Wizard. You can now follow the prompts in the wizard and then check if the issue has been resolved.
  • You can also look for the location issues because the device can either be too close to or too far from your notebook. So, you can try moving the mouse. Move the mouse progressively closer and farther to check if the problem has been fixed.

By following these steps, you can fix the Microsoft problems related to your Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact our technical support team.

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Migrating From Outlook To Thunderbird

Outlook Email Setup

Outlook Email Management Client

As you know, Microsoft Outlook is a popular email management client. Once Outlook email setup is complete, you can send and receive emails through this program and use many of the productivity utilities that are built into this program.

Apart from managing the huge flow of emails that come in every day, you can use Outlook Calendar to schedule and carry out the everyday tasks whether alone or in a crowded workplace. Apart from added security, Outlook features data backup using which you can make copies that can be accessed when offline. Outlook saves them in the PST file format which includes emails, personal user information and other configurations that you have made in Outlook.

Making copies of your email can be useful if your Outlook crashes. You can use this backup file to restore all your emails. If for whatever reason, you want to migrate from Outlook to the Firefox thunderbird, you can do it easily. Firefox Thunderbird, even though not as popular as Microsoft Outlook, is created by Mozilla and is a popular open source email management client. Similar to Outlook email setup, Thunderbird has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to understand and quick to operate.

Here’s how you migrate to Thunderbird.

  • Open Firefox Thunderbird from the Start menu. The Start menu comes up when you click on the Start icon which is located on the left bottom corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Tools menu and then hit the Import button.
  • The Import window will pop up on your screen and prompt you to select the type of material you want to import.
  • Click on Address book and then hit the Next button.
  • You will view a lot of software clients list through which you can import the contacts. Select Outlook and then click on Next.

    Outlook Calendar

    Outlook Features Data Backup

  • If you are not able to import the contact list, it’s because Outlook has not been set as the default email program. If this error message appears, open Outlook and then set it as your default email client. Repeat the previous step after setting Outlook as your default email client.
  • You will be able to successfully transfer your entire Outlook address book. Click on Finish to go back to the main software window.
  • If you want to view all your contacts, click on the Address Book tab on the main window. This will bring forward a Contacts window.
  • Repeat the same process to import all your mails to Thunderbird by selecting Address Book instead of Mail.

Follow all the instructions to the word and you will be able to switch to Firefox Thunderbird without any hassles.

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CES 2012 Intel ArtRage Review

Omnitech support presents you the Intel ArtRage review from CES 2012. Check it out here:

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How To Remove The Vuze Toolbar

How To Remove A Toolbar

Toolbar Removal Tool

Vuze toolbar is a part of the Bit Torrent client, which helps in transferring data. You might consider removing the toolbar from your browser if it takes up a lot of screen space or consumes much system resources. Here are various methods with which you can remove the toolbar from different browsers or from the computer.

Removing Vuze-Toolbar From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the browser, to the right side of the toolbar, you would find a right arrow, click on it.
  • From the drop down menu, select Options.
  • Now click on Help.
  • To remove Vuze-toolbar, click on Uninstall.
  • Restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Follow the same steps if you are using Internet Explorer.

Steps To Remove Vuze-Toolbar From Google Chrome

These are some guidelines on how to remove a toolbar.

  • Open the Browser.
  • Click on the icon that has three horizontal lines, which is located to the upper right of the browser. From the menu click on the option that say Settings.
  • Click on the Extensions option.
  • You would find a list of extensions that are available in Google Chrome, Select the one that you wish to delete.
  • You need to click on the Trash Bin icon to delete the selected extension.
  • Remove all the extensions that you feel is unnecessary.
  • Close and Open the browser for the changes to take effect.

Now, you would have removed all the extensions from Google Chrome.

Removing The Extension From The Computer

You need to go to the Control Panel to remove it from the computer. Follow these steps to remove Vuze-toolbar.

  • Click on the Start button, which is present to the lower left corner of the desktop.

    Vuze Toolbar

    Removing A Toolbar

  • From the menu, click on the option labeled Control Panel.
  • Click on the icon that says Uninstall A Program or Add/Remove Program from the window.
  • From the list, click on the option that says Vuze Toolbar.
  • Click on the option Uninstall, which is at the top of the window.
  • Close the window and Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

This would help you remove the toolbar from all the browsers that you use on the computer. Nevertheless, in certain cases, these toolbars just refuse to uninstall. This is where you will have to look for toolbar removal software. Stop pondering over how to remove a toolbar and get rid of that annoying toolbar that you have always wanted to get rid of!

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