Troubleshooting Outlook Reminder Issues

Outlook problems

Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a prominent email client application used for managing emails, contacts, tasks, and events in an organized manner. Though the program is beneficial in many ways, many Outlook problems annoy users all the time. Such an issue arises when the Outlook reminders start appearing at incorrect times or do not appear at all. However, you can fix the error by tweaking some settings in your Outlook application. The below given set of instructions would show you how.

Steps to follow

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook application by clicking on the shortcut icon on your computer desktop. If you have not created a shortcut for the program, go to the Microsoft Office folder in the Start menu, and click on the Microsoft Office Outlook link.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office Outlook version 2007 or earlier, click on the Options button located on the top menu bar, select Advanced Options under Other, and go to the Reminder Options.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office Outlook version 2010, go to the File button on the application main screen, click on the Options link, select Advanced, and move on to the Reminders section.
  • Make sure that the Display the Reminder or Show Reminders option is selected. Click OK and exit the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • If you are on a Windows XP computer, click on the Start button on your desktop and select Run from the Start menu. Enter outlook /cleanreminders in the command box and click OK.
  • If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, click on the Start button and enter outlook /cleanreminders in the search box located at the bottom of the Start menu. Select Outlook/Clean Reminders option on the search results page to open Microsoft Outlook application.

    Outlook version 2010

    Microsoft Outlook issues

  • Verify if your Outlook reminders are functioning properly now. If you still encounter the problem, close the application window and go back to the desktop on your computer.
  • Type outlook /resetfolders in the Run command box or Start search box depending on the Windows version you are using, and hit on the Enter key on your keyboard. This will fix the corrupted or malfunctioning Outlook folders.

When done, open Microsoft Outlook application once again, and make certain that the issues are rectified. If you need further help with the above steps, or with any other Outlook problems, contact our team of tech support experts over the toll-free number right away.

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Tips For Configuring Outlook On A Secondary Computer

setup email in Outlook

Tools menu in Outlook

With computers becoming popular and not retailing at mammoth prices like before, quite often users have two computers. People are not confined to a single place and instances may arise where they have to travel for work or go for important meetings. For home use, users may avail a computer and for travel purposes, users may use a laptop. Travelers also use netbooks to keep a check on their mails and also for the purpose of PowerPoint presentations. In some offices, customers may have their personal work computers.

So irrespective of whichever computer you use, you have to have the Outlook email up and running on the systems if you require to access and check the mails. To successfully setup email in Outlook in both computers, the below mentioned guidelines have to be followed.

Steps to follow

  • In the main system, access Microsoft Outlook.
  • From the primary computer, launch Outlook information. When Outlook appears, access Tools, and choose Accounts. Choose the tab by the name Mail and select Properties. Attaining of the relevant details that are applicable for the second computer is possible.
  • By adhering to the different on screen instructions, perform the installation of Outlook on the second computer. Usually customers will not face any tension concerning the installation and if they require help, they may avail the required assistance.
  • Upon successful installation of Outlook, reboot the system. After the system reboots, access Microsoft Outlook.
  • When the Outlook window appears, for the creation of the mail account, you are required to type in the relevant information.
  • Type in the relevant information and choose the OK button.
  • Verify the different settings. On both computers, details that are mentioned in the SMTP and POP settings should be the same. If the settings are a mismatch, correct the settings. Below the tab by the name servers, the SMTP and POP settings are available.

    travel for work

    Install Outlook

  • On the two computers, if the access of the same emails should be made possible, access the tab by the name Advanced and check mark the check box corresponding to Leave A Copy Of The Email Messages On The Server.
  • When the same settings are in place, the configuration process is over.

Now you will be able to access Outlook on the second computer and easily work with your mails. By following the above mentioned guidelines, it is an easy process to setup email in Outlook.

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Steps To Synchronize Outlook 2003 With Yahoo!

Outlook Email Setup

Outlook Email Issues

The best aspect of using Outlook is that along with using it as an effective email application, you can also it to synchronize your personal email application. According to Outlook technical support, users can easily configure their personal email accounts with the Outlook email setup. If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003 application in your system, you would be able to send and check email through various email services like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! email.

According to the Outlook tech support, in order to synchronize Outlook with another email service such as Yahoo! mail, all you require is to set up access to the Internet mail service’s incoming POP3 server and outgoing SMTP server. For synchronizing your Yahoo! account, you would need to purchase the Yahoo! Mail Plus service upgrade. This is because here the email service only allows POP3 and SMTP access to users who subscribe to the service upgrade. You can follow these instructions provided by the Outlook tech support technicians to synchronize Outlook 2003 with Yahoo!

  • In the first step, you need to purchase the Yahoo! Mail Plus service. Once you purchase it, you need to run the Microsoft Outlook 2003 application in your system.
  • Now, you can click on the Tools option in the menu bar and then click on the E-mail Accounts in the menu to open a dialog box.
  • In the next step, you need to click the radio button next to the Add a new E-mail Account option, followed by the Next button. Now, click on POP3 and then again on the Next button.
  • You need to enter your name and Yahoo! Mail Plus email addresses in the fields in User Information. Similarly, under Login Information, you need to enter your user name and password.
  • Next, to configure the Outlook email setup, type in in the POP3 field, and then in the SMTP field,


    Outlook Email Updates

  • Now, once you click Test Account Settings Outlook would connect to the Yahoo! Mail Plus servers, and would try sending a test email.
  • Once you get the message successfully, click on OK and save your Yahoo! Mail Plus account settings.
  • In the final step, you need to press the F9 key to connect to the Yahoo! Mail Plus server. This would help you to synchronize both incoming and outgoing email.

These steps would help you to successfully synchronize Outlook 2003 with Yahoo! For more information, please contact our technical support team.

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Instructions For Using Windows Live Mail

Windows Live help

help for Windows Live

A free email client released by Microsoft is Windows Live mail and it was formerly called Windows Live Mail desktop. It usually comes bundled with Microsoft suite of free programs and is a part of Windows Live Essentials. Well, given below are some instructions given by the Windows Live help team to use Windows Live mail easily.


  • First of all, if you need to use Windows Live mail, you need to first set up an email account. For this, you need to select the tab called Menu seen in the left hand side and click on the option called Options followed by selecting Email Accounts.
  • Next is the setting up your email preferences. For this, you need to select Menu followed by choosing Options.
  • If you need to compose a new message, you need to press the keys named Ctrl + N seen in the keyboard or from the tab called Home, you need to click the button named Email Message.
  • For attaching a file: Open the message window, the needed file to be attached should be dragged to the message text section.
  • Sending and receiving messages: From the Home tab, click on the button called Send/Receive or else you can press the F5 key using your keyboard.
  • Deletion of the current message: To delete a message, from the Home tab you need to click the button Delete or you can press the Delete key seen in the computer keyboard.
  • Replying to current message: You can reply either by clicking on the button called reply or press the keys Ctrl + R using your keyboard from the tab called Home.
  • Forwarding the current message: From the Home tab, you need to click on the button Forward or press down the key Ctrl + F using your keyboard.
  • Displaying the contacts or the address book: On the left corner of your window, you will see a button for Contacts. Click on it to display contacts or the address book.

    Windows Live Mail desktop

    features of Windows Live

  • Creating a folder for new mail: The folder where you need to create a new folder should be right clicked and from the drop down menu, choose New folder.
  • Configuring of junk mail filtering: For this, you need to give a right click to any message and select the option called Junk email.

These instructions given by the Windows Live help team would help you to use the services of Windows Live mail very easily. For more information about Windows Live mail, contact the Windows Live help website online.

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Set Up Your Favourite Email Account In Microsoft Outlook

Setup email in Outlook

how to setup email in Outlook

Configuring Microsoft Outlook is an easy process, which you can complete in a few minutes time. Well, many users have a different opinion. If you are unsure about how to setup your email in Outlook, this article will be of immense help for you.

To setup email in Outlook, you must ensure that you have installed the latest Outlook version in your PC. If you have installed Microsoft Office suite in your PC, you may already have Outlook in your PC. Outlook comes bundled with the MS Office suite. It can also be purchased independently. Having ensured that you have installed a recent Outlook version in your PC, you need to follow these steps to setup your preferred email account in Outlook.


  • Launch Outlook and go to the Tools menu.
  • Select Account Settings from the resulting menu followed by Email Accounts.
  • On the dialogue box, choose the New button, which is located beneath the Email tab.
  • Select the checkbox next to Manually configure server settings or additional server types and press Next to proceed.
  • Specify the type of Email service. It should be either POP3 or IMAP.
  • After that, press Next to go to the next step.
  • Here, you need to provide Outlook with your email account details.

Your name: Enter your name (the name you wish to display in all the outgoing messages). E-mail address: the email address of the email account you are setting up in Outlook.

  • After filling in the account details, go to the next section to fill in server details. Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server: gather the server details from your email service provider.

    Incoming mail server

    Outlook email setup

  • In the next section, you need to fill in your Login details. Username: Type your username (it should be the same username of the email account) Password: type the password of your email account.
  • Once you are done with filling in the above details, click OK followed by finish.
  • After that, click the option that says Test Account settings. Outlook will now verify the details you have provided and try to establish a connection with the server you have mentioned. If it succeeds, you will receive a confirmation mail in your inbox.

The above instructions would have helped you setup email in Outlook. Visit the Outlook help forum if you have any doubts regarding Outlook email setup.

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