Skype 6.1 For Windows Desktop

Outlook Email Client

Outlook Email Client

The latest version of Skype has been introduced for Windows operating system. The version 6.1 of this program has Outlook integration and also a visual update for the toolbar. This update should be considered as a bold and exciting update as the time that is spent to manage the email messages is very much significant. The Skype users will know that they waste time toggling between the Skype desktop client and the email client program.

Microsoft noted this inconvenience; and the latest version of Skype has Outlook integration. It is very easy and convenient to send an instant message in Skype, make a voice call to any land phone or mobile, or initiate a Skype to Skype call. All these things can be done from within the Outlook program. Outlook email setup steps to integrate the Skype program are very easy. More details on the enhanced features in the latest version are shared below.

Keep In touch With Skype Contacts

Users of the program will be able to instant message or video call contacts that are already present in the contact list of the Skype program from Outlook. To make use of this feature, you should be using Outlook 2010 or higher. Users will be able connect over the Skype program when the email details match.

Add Contact

Adding a new contact to the Skype program is easier in the latest version. Users have the option to add a new contact to the Skype program by searching for the contact directly in the contact list of Outlook. If the contact is not present in the list, results will be shown and it can be added in just two clicks.

Easy To Get In Touch

In the latest version, Skype and Outlook are integrated so that the user will be able to see the online status of the contact, mood

Outlook And Skype Integration

Outlook And Skype Integration

message and the contact information inside the Outlook contact card.

Call Any Phone

If the user needs to call any contact on their landline or mobile number from the Outlook program, the Skype program will do the necessary things for the user. Users have the option to call anyone as long as they have their contact information in the Outlook program. The existing Skype credit or subscription can be used to reach the contact.

These are the most important feature additions in the Skype program. To know more on the features and the Outlook email setup steps, you can contact the Windows tech support team.

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Setting Up Gmail In MS Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Gmail Setup In Outlook

Though Outlook email setup is a simple procedure, you will find some changes in the procedure depending on the email service you are using. For example, if you are using a Gmail account, you have to activate the email client option in your email account settings in Gmail even before you start the Outlook email setup.

How to set up your Gmail account in Outlook?

However, this is not a complicated process, though it involves a few more steps than the standard procedure. As already mentioned, you have to start with the Gmail settings before you start the email set up process in Outlook. For this, go to your Gmail account on your browser and there, go to Settings and then, to Forwarding. You will see there a button titled ‘Enable IMAP’. Click on it to activate the email client option for Gmail. Press the Save Changes button and exit.

With this done, you can launch the Outlook mail setup wizard in your system in the normal manner. In MS Outlook, go to Tools and then, Account Settings, and then, go to Email and click on New. This will launch the Outlook mail setup wizard. Enter your name, email address and password in the first page, but in the next one, skip the text fields and select the option for ‘Manually configuring the Server Settings’. This will display much more options for the account settings in the next step.

Gmail Messages In Outlook

Outlook Email Setup Tips

Fill up these text fields to add your Gmail account to MS Outlook. Sever type should be IMAP. Set Incoming and Outgoing Server Address as ‘’ and ‘’ by entering this address in to the text fields provided. Click on the Advanced or More Settings button you see there to add a few more settings to the account.

This will launch a new window, where you need to click on the Advanced tab. There, set the IMAP port number as 993 and set SSL as the secure transmission setting for this. Similarly, for SMTP, set the port number as 587 and secure transmission setting as TSL. Put a checkmark for the options ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’ and ‘Use the same settings as my incoming mail server‘ shown under ‘Outgoing Server’.

Press OK or Finish for completing the account setup process and then, see if you can receive your Gmail messages in Outlook. If not check online in the Gmail service website whether the port numbers and the server address details you have entered are indeed correct. You may also contact us, if you need any help.

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Outlook Syncing Problems And Solutions

Outlook Problems

Troubleshoot Outlook Problems

A large number of people prefer Microsoft Outlook to other email client applications because Outlook is easy to sync with other devices, applications, web services, etc. However, there are times when you might wonder why Outlook fails to synchronize with a particular application. Here are some scenarios of Outlook sync problems and their solutions. For more details, visit the Outlook problems section in our Outlook support forum.

Outlook fails to sync with Apple products

Apple’s iPad, iPhone and Mac PCs are premium computing devices. They offer the best ecosystem for most of the popular applications, even applications developed by Microsoft. Outlook is one of the most popular third party applications in Apple devices. Outlook for Apple is designed to have better synchronization options. However, it faces some technical issues at times. According to experts who deal with Outlook problems, there are three different reasons for the synchronization issues. Third party Outlook plug-ins, incompatible sync history and corrupted iTunes version. If your Outlook for Apple application has any third party plug-ins enabled, disable them. Similarly, check and make sure that the iTunes version is sound and there are no incompatible sync histories.

Outlook syncing issues on Palm devices

Most of us have multiple computing devices these days. There will be a PC, a tablet and a smartphone. Oftentimes, it becomes necessary for us to sync the palm device with Microsoft Outlook for convenience. However, Outlook may not always respond to this positively. Often, you will an receive error message stating ‘An error occurred while converting an Outlook record to Handheld format (1013).’ According to the experts, the reason for the issue is the outdated synchronization software.

Outlook Experts

Outlook Syncing Problems

Palm devices employ Chapura PocketMirror for syncing with Outlook or any other third party email client applications. In order to fix this issue, update the syncing software and try again. If the issue persists, get in touch with the manufacturer of your palm device. You can update the syncing software by visiting the manufacturer’s website or by downloading the updated syncing software from any third party download centres. Google it and you will sure find the software. However, be cautious about fake software programs that do no good than any harm.

We discussed two common scenarios where Outlook comes across syncing problems. To review other scenarios of Outlook syncing problems, visit our Outlook support forum. In case of any doubts, feel free to get in touch with our Outlook experts.

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Troubleshooting Gmail Synchronization Problems In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Problems

Fix Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications that is used by millions of computer users. Outlook possesses unique features and tools, which no other email applications have. Outlook possesses a high standard of managing emails and hence it is often opted by corporate officials. You can easily access other email accounts in Outlook if you prefer to view them in Outlook. This can be implemented by making variations in Outlook settings.

Even though Outlook is considered as the best, it is quite difficult to deal with certain errors and problems in Outlook. One may not always be willing to go through the different troubleshooting steps offered by Microsoft. Not every user needs to be Outlook savvy and hence we cannot expect everyone to follow the guidelines given by Microsoft.

Those who have tried synchronizing Gmail with Outlook would have sometimes faced a bug during the process. This occurs when Outlook 2013 tries to sync with Gmail and causes severe problems in thy program. One of the major concerns is that after making different changes in email, Outlook would not synchronize successfully and hence this can be considered as one of the Outlook problems rather than a Gmail problem.

One major factor that has been noticed is that this issue is not faced by just one or two people, but a lot many users are facing such Outlook problems related to synchronization. You can even find a dedicated group of Google technicians dealing with this particular issue. One of the major drawbacks that have been noticed in Outlook 2013 is that it is quite slow during synchronization and when it is with Gmail IMAP, it may sometimes stop synchronizing.

Managing Emails

Solve Outlook Problems

You can also try to delete Gmail from Outlook account that failed to sync successfully. After conducting a system reboot or a system restart, you can try to add Outlook account once again and then try to sync. One of the basic features is that IMAP is server based and hence you can use Outlook with a peace of mind that data will not be lost during synchronization. After deleting and resetting Outlook, you can synchronize your Gmail accounts with Outlook.

Hopefully, you have fixed the problem by following the above mentioned guidelines. Problems or queries that you may face can be fixed by contacting our Outlook tech support team.

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How To Encrypt Emails In Outlook

Email In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2013

The latest Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 are loaded with special features in them, to help users utilize the software in the best way possible. The best part about these two versions of Outlook is that they have a feature with which users can encrypt email in Outlook while sending. To do this, a digital ID is required to convert plain text into the ciphered version. In order to send free digital IDs to various authorities, Microsoft provides them with a link to acquire the same.

The advantage of encrypting your emails while sending is to make sure you are safe from prying eyes. The one at the receiving end should have the public encryption key of the sender in order to open and read the email. You can add this recipient to your contact list. You also need to make sure that the receiver has the key, so that he/she can exchange digitally signed email messages. Follow these instructions to send digitally signed emails.

Acquiring Digital ID

  • Launch the Application.
  • Click on the File tab and then select Options from the menu.
  • Click on Trust Center and then click on Trust Center Settings, which is in the Microsoft Outlook Trust Center.
  • Click on Email Security, from the Digital IDs section, click on Get A Digital ID. This directs Microsoft Office Online and presents certificate authority’s page on the browser. You get to select the digital sign such as Globalsign or Verisign. For which you will have to follow the onscreen instructions, which are different for different Digital IDs.

Signing a single email digitally

  • In the compose window, you will see Options to the very top of the window.
  • In More Options group, click on the Message option.

    Digitally Signed Emails

    Microsoft Outlook 365

  • Click on the Security Settings option and then click on Encrypt Message Contents And Attachments option. When you do this, for every email message you send, it will help you send as digitally signed emails.

Signing all emails digitally

  • Click on the File option and then select Options.
  • Click on the Trust Center option and then select the Trust Center settings.
  • Click on the Email Security option and then click on the Encrypt Contents And Attachments For Outgoing Messages option, from the Encrypted Email section.
  • Now click on Ok.

Hence, by following these steps, it will be relatively very easy to send email in Outlook with a digital signature. This will ensure that none of your emails get hacked.

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