Setting Up A Time Warner Email Account With Microsoft Outlook

Outlook email setup

You might be familiar with Microsoft Outlook, which is one of the most popular email application included in the Microsoft Office suite. However, have you used Outlook with the Time Warner email account? You can set up your email account in Microsoft Outlook and you can use it to send and receive email messages using the Time Warner account. If you have an active internet connection, you can use Microsoft Outlook with Time Warner mail service as you can access it easily. If you are quite familiar with the Outlook email setup, setting up a Time Warner account in Microsoft Outlook will not take more than a few minutes.

These are the instructions that will help you set up the Time Warner account in Microsoft Outlook.


  • You should open Microsoft Outlook, choose Tools, and then select E-Mail Accounts. This is for adding the Time Warner Email account.
  • Now choose Add a new e-mail account and select Next. Now choose POP3 as the option and choose Next. Give the User Information as required and you can provide the name you want to be displayed to all the email recipients and you can enter this in the Your Name field.
  • In the E-Mail Address field, you should provide your email address.  You need to provide your email address in full and not just the username of the email address.
  • Now fill the Incoming mail server (POP3) field.  If you do not know the incoming mail server settings for your email, you can check it at the website of Time Warner.
  • Now fill in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field. You can also collect the information about it from the website of Time Warner.
  • For the Logon Information, you can provide your username and password. Ensure that you gave the check mark for the Remember password box.

    Active internet connection

  • You need to test the email settings that you have provided. Select Test Account Settings option and see whether there is any error message. If you have entered the password incorrectly, you would have to redo it.
  • Give a Label for the email account. Select More Settings and click the General Tab. You can give any name for the email account under the Mail Account option.
  • Save your settings, select OK, and then click Finish.

These simple steps will help you with Time Warner account Outlook email setup.

You can contact the Outlook support team if you have any queries regarding this.