How To Remove The Unsent Emails From The Outbox Folder Of Your Outlook?

Outlook problems

Outlook is one of the most famous email clients from the software giant Microsoft. It has numerous features and a simple user interface, which make it a favorite application for millions of users. Yet sometimes, Outlook can give you troubles. One of these common Outlook problems is that it may fail to send an email with bigger size attachments, and these emails stay in your outbox.

In this article, we will find out how to delete these unsent messages from outbox that would help in avoiding further troubles with the program.

Steps Involved

Remove the email from Safe Mode

  • Close your Outlook program if it is running.
  • Select Start and enter Outlook /Safe in the search box.
  • From the search results, choose Outlook /Safe. The safe mode runs with minimum functions and is a great way to troubleshoot your Outlook application issues.
  • Go to your Outlook’s outbox folder and highlight the email by right clicking over it. Choose the option Delete.

If the above-mentioned trick did not help you, follow the steps below.

  • Open the email message in the outbox folder by double clicking it.
  • Now, close the email.
  • Highlight the message by right clicking over it and then choose the option delete.

Delete the message using Offline Mode

  • Open your Outlook program and choose the File option found in the menu bar. Then select Work Offline link.
  • Restart your Outlook program. Your Outlook program will now run in the offline mode. In this mode, the email client will not be connected with your email web server or internet. Therefore, you will not receive any email messages in this mode.
  • Try to delete the message by right clicking over it and selecting the option Delete. Once the message is deleted, make sure that you turn off the offline mode.

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Try to send the email

  • Run your Outlook program and double click the email message in your Outbox to open it.
  • Select the option Send.
  • Close your Outlook program and launch it again. Once the program starts up, your email will be sent to its intended recipient.

Hope that the above-mentioned steps have helped you to send or remove the emails from your outbox folder in Outlook. For further assistance on Outlook problems or troubleshooting the errors in sending emails, contact the Microsoft support website.