Procedure To Remove The Conduit Toolbar In Mozilla Firefox

how to remove a toolbar

         how to remove a toolbar

A toolbar actually helps the search process in the context of internet access functions (when we are considering a browser toolbar), or some other functions that we observe in editors or MS office applications. Actually, there are different types of toolbars available online or otherwise. Sometimes, while installing some software, you might unknowingly install a toolbar. In case you consider all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, they all have toolbars with having numerous useful functions. Moreover, toolbars are available from many other sources, for instance web 2.0 websites and other similar websites.

In this article, we would be discussing one particular toolbar – Conduit toolbar. Actually, ‘Conduit’ is a website that offers webmasters tools to create toolbars for the Firefox Web browser. The famous web browser, Mozilla had previously removed these toolbars from its add-on site, mentioning that ‘Conduit’ has poor quality and privacy issues. Later on, the popular web browser and Conduit have since worked out an agreement, which actually meant that these toolbars are back on the add-on site. In case you ever end up with a Conduit toolbar and you no longer want it, then you have the option to uninstall the toolbar pretty easily and immediately. In case you need to know how to remove a toolbar like ‘Conduit’, there are certain browser setting changes that would help you make sure that no sites are able to install the Conduit toolbar without your knowledge and permission in the future. This article would provide the required information as to how to remove a toolbar like Conduit toolbar from your system. Here are some simple instructions:


  • Initially, you need to launch ‘Firefox’ and then click on the ‘Firefox’ button on the top left corner of the window. Click ‘Add-ons.’

    Conduit toolbar from your system

              Conduit toolbar

  • After that, select ‘Extensions’ for viewing a list of installed add-ons including toolbars. Then, select the ‘Conduit’ Toolbar.
  • Then, click on ‘Remove’ and click on ‘Restart Now’. Then, your browser will restart and the ‘Conduit’ toolbar will not be installed when it loads.
  • Then, in order to block future installations, click on the ‘Firefox’ button in the top left corner of the browser’s window. Then click on ‘Options.’
  • Then, you need to select the ‘Security’ tab, and click on the ‘Warn me when sites try to install add-ons’ and then click on ‘OK’. This will make sure that no site will be able to install a toolbar without your permission.

You need to avoid downloading and installing any ‘Conduit’ toolbars on your own and then do ensure that you never accidentally or intentionally click on ‘Allow’ whenever you are presented with a warning from Firefox that a site is trying to install an add-on.

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