Adobe RoboHelp Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Adobe RoboHelp

Adobe RoboHelp empowers you to deliver help with content across mobile devices, formats, and platforms. Publish content as a mobile application, or in HTML5, EPUB 3, KF8, and MOBI.

Download Adobe RoboHelp Free for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details

2019.0.11 Updating

Windows 10

Adobe RoboHelp

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Description description

Adobe RoboHelp is a writing tool designed by Adobe Company for Windows OS. Blue Sky Software Company released the first version of Adobe RoboHelp in 1992. Since Adobe acquired the software in 2005, it has improved its capabilities. Adobe RoboHelp enables you to deliver high quality content, differentiated for some types of screens that use HTML 5. You can use Adobe RoboHelp to generate responsive HTML files with one click.

Adobe RoboHelp is designed for legacy projects, and you can use it to distribute content in KF8, MOBI, and EPUB 3 formats. Your job is very easy.

Features of Adobe RoboHelp

  • Tools and automation tools
  • XML import and export
  • Direct link support for Microsoft Word files
  • Use the report in the tag tag
  • PDF-based workflow
  • Single source to multiple channels
  • Ability to search external content
  • Adobe Air release
  • Adobe Captivate integration

Top features

Adobe RoboHelp has an intuitive HTML 5 design that allows it to be responsive on a range of devices, making it very easy to configure and create. With responsive HTML, you do not need to set up a screen profile, and you will be in a better position to make many changes that will be adaptive across all devices.

Adobe RoboHelp presents an enhanced resource manager, which is gradually evolving since the company introduced it in the 8th version. The resource manager will help you copy images, pieces, style sheets, and you can sync files between projects and from external locations.

Adobe RoboHelp is equipped with search functionality and a fully-automated search tool. They have a conditional tag system that will help you with a personalized help experience designed to give you a dynamically filtered output. To top it off, the software will allow you to see your content just as end users will see it, which will allow you to design an attractive layout. You can use Adobe RoboHelp to display custom fonts and even transfer support information by importing all the folders you can use to guide your process.

Adobe RoboHelp is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, and will allow you to import or export content from Microsoft Office, 2010, and 2013. Adobe RoboHelp will also allow you to add videos using Captivate 7 software, and it will automatically combine your videos for works on all platforms.

Adobe RoboHelp previously had problems inserting unwanted pages at the beginning or end of the index. The latest software releases are based on fixing bugs like this, and now you can create headers and footers on the front and back of your documents.


Adobe RoboHelp is a simple interface for you to find easy, but only if you have used the previous version. The new responsive features of Adobe RoboHelp are important since they will help your users have a better experience even with mobile devices. If you want cross-platform design software to design beautiful pages, Adobe RoboHelp is the most important choice.