pdfFactory pro Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

pdfFactory pro

pdfFactory is an appreciative PDF conversion tool. It has gained popularity mainly because of its simple function and versatile capabilities. You can quickly create PDF documents, merge multiple files into one, rearrange or delete pages, preview documents created, improve security and share to improve access. To get the final document with the dimensions you need, you can set the orientation, size, scale, margin, header and footer. This is a great tool that has all the features needed to efficiently create different PDF documents.

pdfFactory pro Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Details of software

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

pdfFactory pro

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Description description

pdfFactory pro is a good computer application for creating PDFs from any other computer application that can print documents. It actually installs a virtual printer on your system and does not have a separate screen as the user interface; however, you can access useful features through other printing software. It is very easy to use and can convert any type of document into a PDF, such as text and images. Two separate versions are available for free and paid users. Either the standard version can be downloaded or the license fee for the Pro edition can be paid for more features.

PDF text:

Creating a PDF file from any other type of file is a difficult task because of the functionality of pdfFactory. It allows you to create PDF files with just a click in a very short time. Either you can create a new document from one file or combine several files from different sources to convert it into a PDF document. These pages can be moved to set goals and can be moved if they are not in the correct position. If another page is required, then you can delete it before the document is validated.

Other features:

pdfFactory allows you to instantly present a created PDF document without the need to prove it to PDF reader software. They are all fonts used in PDF files. Therefore it does not matter whether the PDF reader has the required font or not, as its file indicates the font. The application keeps your files private and secure. For this purpose, you can add digital signatures and watermarks to mark them as your item. You can also Email quickly created documents. To secure the files sent, they are usually encrypted so that no one else understands the content.

Online Account:

Store documents in a cloud-based online storage account as usual these days. This ensures that the files are safe and retrievable in case of accidental deletion from your system. Next, you can access other devices as well by logging in to your registered account. pdfFactory provides support for a number of cloud services including Gmail, Evernote and more. You can easily merge the desired files with your online account by using the drag & drop feature offered by the software.